Short Tall Tales


An exhibition of unusual stories from the village archives

Discord in the Cloister

An Elizabethan ASBO


A New England Connection

#Page24NewEngland Revd Thomas Shepard Bishop William Laud So, unable to continue his ministry here, Thomas Shepard emigrated to New England, became Pastor of the settlement at Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was founder trustee of Harvard University.

Ralph Josselin Meets the Colne Engaine Witch

‘Idle Songs by an Old Bird’

Samuel Coleridge

Quaint, Honest Abraham

Elizabeth Fry Abraham died in 1836, so perhaps the nostalgic walk around Coggeshall was the last time that Thomas Buxton had an opportunity to thank his old ‘play-fellow and tutor’ for setting him on the right course in life. Coggeshall in 1900

A Nonconformist Protest

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All the Fun of the Fair


Fifty Years of Public Service


The Delinquent Moon

#Page24Moon Henry’s grave in the churchyard has a Latin inscription EX TENEBRIS IN LUCEM which can be translated as ‘Out of darkness into light’, an appropriated epitaph for the man who brought illumination to the village streets.

Find the Rabbit

An Unbroken Record

An Unusual Visitor

Law and Disorder

The Strong Hand

Frank’s Day Off

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The Old Water Tower  

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